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Thank you. I was really scared there for awhile. With my husband sleeping and me taking those pills it was a scary experience. He was knocked out from the Demerol that they gave him at the hospital. I was just not thinking clearly when I mixed those meds. I was thinking, okay, I need to get out of this cycle of pain, I will borrow a Percocet from my husband, and then take a Soma to relax the muscles, and the anti-inflammatory that was prescribed, and then the Tylenol because I was already taking it every six hours and the doctor told me that it was okay to mix with the anti-inflammatory meds. I had to take the stool softener because I hate what percocet does to my body. As for food, I don't remember eating anything for the last twenty four hours. That might have also contributed to the problem.

I had a mini stroke last year. I have no idea why. I was sitting there on the couch and all of a sudden, I was out. I got up and called the ER and they sent an ambulance. They told me a name for it, but I forget what it was. They did say that it was a mini stroke, though.

I am taking Relafen. No one told me that you had to eat with them or drink a full glass of water. I just read that on line. It seems to be helping with the inflammation, at least compared to the Advil.

No more pain meds or Soma for this gal. :nono:

I had a drug interaction before, when the dentist gave me too much of a drug. I ended up in ER with a seizure. One of my main problems is that most drugs have a paradoxical effect on me and that stumps the doctors. They are not sure what they can give me. I wish that I knew. I really thought that Prolo was going to cure me and that I would not still be here.

I was taking Bextra. It made my back hurt. I read one of the side effects was, it makes your back hurt. I had to take that when they pulled Vioxx. So, they put me on this new one drug.

I am about to give up.