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Hi I posted here about lower back, leg and hip pain around two weeks ago, I can't find it.
Any way I had pain in my back, hips and legs I went to the Dr. about it and so far he's done nothing about the back and hip problem. But he did find high blood pressure. He gave me three different drugs for the pain and one for the hypertension.
Toprol, for hypertension.
Cyclobenzaprine, muscle relaxer.
Relafen, for pain, analgisic(sp)
Ultram, for pain.
Reading the warnings I find every one of them causes drowsiness, I don't have too much of a problem with that.
Ok here's the deal, the back pain has pretty much went away on it's own. But the hip pain has gotten much worse. I'm haveing a hard time walking especially up stairs. I can sit pain free but when I stand up it's hell but then seems to subside a little but will come on strong again just walking araound.
I was standing in the kitchen eating a sandwinch and found that just opening my mouth while standing caused pain in my hips. Coughing, peeing, yawning.
Trying to sleep is the worst. I laid on my back and as a test tried to lift both legs straight up, it's impossible to do beacuase of the pain but I can lift them individually. The worst is actually trying to sleep, I sleep on my stomach and when shifting from one side to the other (feet and head faceing the same direction) I get such pain that I've cried out in pain several times. I can feel what seems like electrical jolting all the way up my spine.
I'm learning how to turn now with out so much pain.
I'm thinking the toprol is making it worse, the last two or three days while on it I've had tingling all over my body, my left leg feels like it's asleep at times and that's when I'm active at work, I'm a carpenter. Yesterday I didn't take any toprol and the pian did lessen. I know it's the toprol making it worse because it has never been this bad ever. Plus I'm on the pain meds.
Now I need to find out what the problem is. The Dr. said he was going the wait until he got the records from my old Dr. before he did any thing about the back and hip pain.
Based on what I've posted does any one have any clue as to what this may be.