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I was on Celebrex for a while, then my doctor switched me to Bextra. I really liked that and could mostly lead a normal life while on it. Then, when all the hoopla started last year I asked my family doc about it and he said that since I was healthy I was fine to continue with it.

Then I herniated a second disk and went to see an Ortho. Asked him about the Bextra, same deal. OK to take since I'm healthy. Then they pulled Bextra off the market so my family doc gave me Relafen. Two big honkin' 500 mg pills twice a day vs. one tiny 15 mg Bextra once a day -- yuck! Plus, it didn't work as well for me. My ortho then switched me to Mobic, which I've been on for about 11 months now. One small pill a day -- but it does take several days to kick in, and shouldn't be taken if you are trying to get pregnant (which we are thinking about). I stopped taking it for about 2 weeks just to test what it would be like to NOT have it (ie, was it REALLY helping or was it just psychological) and found that it was helping SOME, but not as much as the Bextra.

Darn it.