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It sure is great being fused, hadn't even thought about the importance of that. It has been a year and three months since my surgery. I really couldn't be happier. I keep telling people that I would do it all over again-I really have no problems aside just from being tight but it isn't horrible! I really only get that way when walking on the treadmill, but it goes away. If it doesn't I just have hubby rub it out. I really have no need to go to PT right now though-I walk on the treadmill for atleast 45 mins just about every day and on an incline, and I walk with three pound weights. Then, I stretch and do abs, back, leg, upper back, shoulder and arm work outs either standing, lying down or on my balance ball. I am losing weight finally too. I have a tendance to gain in the winter and lose in the summer and since summer is coming, I am getting in gear and ready to go!
I still hang out on my heating pad when ever I am sitting or lying down, but I only take Relafen and Ultram for pain. I am getting and keeping a script for percocet for break through pain days. It doesn't happen often, mostly just when traveling, but I had some serious spasms the other day and that was the only thing that really helped since it is for acute pain, where I take the others to just prevent the pain w/o narcs. Happy though, let me tell you! :bouncing: