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Hi all. Been a long time. Still doing well from my two level fusion of the lumbar spine nearly two years ago. Wouldn't change a thing.[COLOR="Red"] -REMOVED
I am still having tense painful muscles though at my traps, shoulder blades and neck and am at my wits end on how to help.
I have done:
Botox, TENS, massage (which helps short term), muscle relaxers, Relafen (isn't helping much), some chiropractic care, which I think helped but money makes it hard to keep up with.
I am wondering if I should try traction again? But there has to be something else. I have these horrible knots that span the length of my head to nearly my waist line. I am always tight, arms, legs, neck, shoulders, pecs and so forth. I don't want to run to my doc just yet-but any ideas I can look into? I will see how I feel after school is done and that part of my tension and added stress goes away. Right now I am on a heating pad and a tennis ball. I have it under my right shoulder blade and I move around on it and can feel the muscle crunching under it and "popping" over the muscle that is knotted. It sends pain up my neck into my head and gives me a headache that goes away when the pressure is taken off the muscle. It hurts but feels so good too.
So, any suggestions would be GREAT.
I hope you are all doing well. I'll have to come back here and read up on the new folks and see if I can lend a "ear". I took my zanaflex and am dosing off now!