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Thanks everyone! Back in '05 I had a real bad flare of joint pains, spasms, neck pain, and it turned out I also had back pain (which I later found out). I did have swelling too in some areas. HE sent me for blood tests, and didnt say much about them to me. Gave me Relafen, then Mobic (was allergic to both), and I worsened quickly. I saw him again and when he saw me that time, put me right on Prednisone (which I was on for 8 months) and it cured me of every pain I had. I had told him symptoms id had in the past & that about 18 yrs ago or a dermatologist suspected lupus b/c of facial rash & other syptoms. ( though I couldnt follow up due to no insurance). So my current rheumy thought maybe lupus & fibro but never came out and said definitely. But he did use these as diagnosis. Then I started having more back pains which progressed & ended up with DDD, spondylosis, spasms, lumbar stenosis, herniations, etc. I also get flares of pain in my cervical spine & shoulder, but it usually doesnt last too long so I never had that area checked out. I also get pains on & off in my SI joints. The rheumy did have me get another MRI of the SI's to check for Ankylosing Spondylitis, but the MRI came back okay. Since then I've seen PM's, my spine surgeon, both my PT's, a GP, a Podiatrist, and a Hip specialist..and every one of them asked me " are you sure you don't have RA??" This question comes up all the time, so I told my rheumy about it, and asked if id' been tested for RA. He said yes, and I didnt have any test positive for RA. Then I had surgery & the pre-op testing, I had answer all kinds of questions first in an interview thingy. They asked me the same thing, but I told them as far as I knew, lupus & fibro was what my rheumy thinks. THe next time I saw my rheumy after that, I came out & asked him waht I have b/c all these other docs ask me...I asked " do I have lupus, is that what I shoudl be telling the other doctors & hospital"? Then he looked through my file..and finally said Yes, Lupus.

But now lately, it seems like he doesnt know he told me lupus, or he doesnt think lupus (though he never came out & said that to me). This latest flare I'm having is also involving my spine..it feels the same way the rest of my joints feel. Plus i've had fever now for at least 3 weeks that im aware of but I'm not sick (no cold or flu). Well, whatever. I am going to ask the lab about how long it takes to send my doc the results, then call his office to ask for a copy. I hope they give it to me.