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Well for those of you that know my husband's story there is good news to divulge. After L5 S1 fusion on June 2nd 2008, we went back to the ortho
yesterday and got the news that he believes he's fully fused which is ahead of the normal curve. Now for the strange part. Jody and I began hunting for a job for him 2 weeks ago and he got an offer last friday (Halloween). The weekend before Halloween him and I went on a weekend getaway for 2 days (4 hour drive one way). When we got home he started having some tightness and pain. He was truly devastated. It seemingly got worse and he actually had to get on some Hydrocodone a few times. The doc yesterday did an Xray and said fusion is gorgeous; and was puzzled as to why Jody was having this new pain. He put him on Relafen (Anti Inflammatory) and back on his muscle
relaxers and wants to see him back in 2 weeks. Up until the doc visit Jody really thought he'd done something to his fusion. Xrays confirmed that is not the case. Anyone ever experience this with recovery? Looking for some hope that the car ride did him in or he over exerted himself. He really doesn't know what he could of done?.....If he's not better in 2 weeks then we don't know if he can accept this job offer and an MRI maybe in order to determine problems at higher levels; however the ortho doesn't seem to think that is the case. Meanwhile I have him limiting activity to get this to go away...I will keep everyone posted....Please gimme some feedback esp you Veterans :)
Gentle Hugs,