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My "pill"oc just changed my meds. He moed me to 75 mgd Reneron and I was jumping out of my skin. I finally got an appt ( went and sat at his office) as I was a basket case. I'm now on 60mgs remeron adnd 20mg Cekexa in the am. Seems to be working so far. he said the celexa was for the anxiety and he seems to be proven right..Tagger
Hi Tex,

The Celexa seems to do the trick for anxiety, but I still feel over medicated and often depressed even with all these meds! My hope is that I can gradually wean off the remeron and then eventually off the Celexa. The fear being a "crash" which I can't afford as I have two kids to love and care for, and an already somewhat dysfunctional marriage. I'll settle for just getting off the Remeron in the future. Thanks for your support....Tagger