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hello there, i am a 32 yr old woman and am desperate, i have been suffering with anxiety for just this past year, had tests done etc, all ssri's havent worked for me they just gave me to many bad side affects, however now doctor wants to try me on remeron? have anybody ever had any experience with it please? i suffer from severe anxiety (where everything seems unreal) depression because of this and a little ocd.

Thankyou any help would be much appreciated, i have posted this is a few boards to make sure know one misses it.

Hi there,

I've finaly come out of a 2 yr depression. My specialist is supposed to be the best in his field primarily because he just doesn't give up. I was on 40 mgs Remeron but still suffering from anxiety. He now has me on 20 mgs Celexa in the am (as well as the Remeron pm) and that seems to have done the trick. It didn't take long for the Celexa to kick in and once it did it was almost miraculous!
Everybody reacts differently to anti depressants though. The Remeron may do the trick for you...Good Luck and keep in touch...Tagger