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Quote from monkyfunky:
I was just going through a load of items of mine from years ago, and normally when I would do this it would make me feel all nostalgic and emotional. Yet now with this anxiety I don't feel anything about it, just numb.

I don't really get excited about anything either, and I used to get really excited about some things. I guess this could be because I'm older now, but I'm sure it's much more than that.

Maybe I have depression as well as anxiety, and it's kinda cutting out my emotions? I feel less anxious and derealised. at the moment since starting a course of mirtazapine (US: Remeron / UK: Zispin), but I'm still an fairly emotionless.

Thanks in adavance for replies :)

I know I have had periods where I couldn't look forward to anything.. always feeling like everything would go wrong anyway. My doctor said was was suffering depression due to the anxiety etc... Anyway, things do improve. I feel a lot better recently, not back to normal but a little more hopefull!

My problem is that looking in past is OK as long as you don't think about wanting to change things or go wanting to go back again. No point worrying about the past, be positive about the future. I'm trying to enjoy life, I have no intention of letting anxiety and panic stop me from having as interesting and full life as possible. For the last 18 months this condition changed my life completely.. but I'm going to do the best I can to get back to a normal life again!

Think positive, good thoughts, don't worry about things... if you find yourself starting to worry about something, tell yourself the opposite. If you feel a strange feeling, accept that it's just anxiety and try to ignore it.

Hope things improve, how we feel us as much about "what we think" as "what we do".