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I am curious if others with anxiety disorders have a strong craving for salt? It is big time for me! I salt soups, dip pretzels in salt. I can't satisfy the craving for it. It seems to be driven by the anxiety and panic. It doesn't appear to affect me. I thought perhaps the body being under stress for so long exhaust the sodium supply. Pretty far out idea. Going to post this in the Panic Board also.

My medications are not working. Called the doctor and of course talked to the nurse who passed my concerns on. She calls back awhile later that "he (doctor) will discuss my meds at my next visit". Well the next appointment is the last week in January. No direction on what to do in the mean time. Buspar is not working, the Remeron was to strong (like taking ten cups of coffee before bed). Just venting.
havent heard of the salt craving, the remeron dose could be reduced for a while, perhaps by cuting the tablet

buspar is only a tranquilliser and doesnt do much for anxiety, try to get some valium, much better