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I am sorry if this is the wrong board but i feel this is relevant, and maybe someone out there can help me, also sorry for posting this message on a few boards i dont want it to be missed.

Hi, i am 23 yrs old and have severe anxiety/panick attacks i am currently taking 30mg of remeron have been on it for 6mnths.. and at this moment in time i am freaking out, the thing is, i have had tonsilitis since last mnth i was given penicillin didnt work had another course of penicillin didnt work, (doc on call) went to my doctor last monday and was given amoxillin well within a few day my throat pain went away, i still took my amoxillin till yesterday (monday 7 day course) last week i noticed a tiny lump (looks like a wart but it isnt) on my tonsil my right one, with a hole just above it, anyways that is what is hurting me now, i went bk to my doctor this morning and he had a look and said ''oh it still bad, ok i am gonna write to the ent specialist, in the meantime i am going to give you a stronger antibiotic as it seems you must be immune to antibiotics'' , so he gave me Augmentin 375mg, i hate meds but i know i have to take these, along with this mild throat pain, i have lumps in my neck, my neck isnt stiff just hurts on the top of my spine, my head is all hot, and i feel so week and tired and unwell, i am so freaking about other diseases, but my doctor assures me it is just severe tonsillitis, i am scared, my questions are why am i freaking? what is this lump (my doctor didnt say anything about it) ? and am i the only one that this has happened to, being resistant to antibiotics? any help advice please i am desperate i am worrying myself sick. thankyou