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I have two suggestions. Both of my sons have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My oldest son, who is 5, would sleep, but was constanly moving and never seemed to get any deep restful sleep. The ENT found that he had extremely large tonsils. Once they were removed, we've never had another problem with him sleeping.

My youngest son is 2 1/2. He basically did not sleep for the first two year of his life. As a result, neither did we. I had finally had it when I took him to his 2 year old checkup. Although we have made it so far without any medication for my oldest child, I felt we had to have some help. His pediatrician prescribed 1/2 of a 15mg tablet of Remeron which we crush up and put in his milk with his dinner. He now goes to sleep at 8 - 8:30 and sleeps until 6 and we have seen no side effects.

Over the holidays we went to visit relatives who hadn't seen him in a few months. They commented on how much happier he seemed. Before, he whined & seemed uphappy all the time. He is much happier now.

I also think it is very hard to learn anything when you're sleep deprived. Speech and O/T seems to making more of an impact now that he's sleeping. I hope this helps.