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I will apologize first as I know this will be long. First of all I have 2 children from a previous marriage ages 6 and 9. My husband has 2 children from a previous marriage 7 and 8. We have a 10 month old together. We all live together. My seven year old stepson is severly autistic, nonverbal, and hyperactive. These are some, not all of the meds he has been on in the last year: clonidine, resperdol, remeron, paxil, zyprexa, trileptal, seroquel, revia, inderal, propanalol. Some of them were very bad, some worked for a couple of weeks. We always return to the same behaviors. Here is a list of some not all of the behaviors: he hits, pinches, scratches, and tries to bite, he has choked his 10 month old sister, he has shoved her to the ground for touching him, he has urinated and defacated in his floor and mixed it together to make finger paint for his carpet and walls( he is potty trained ), he hits and scratches himself to the point of getting blood, he opened his window at 11:30 at night and proceded to empty his entire bedroom out the second story window including clothes, toys, sheets, blankets, pillows, heat vent, night light, he has also just climbed out on the roof(we have a lock now)he hurts the other children every time we get in the car, my step daughter has bruises and scratches all over her arms and legs, my baby has 2 from today, he has opened the car door while driving down the interstate, he rarely sleeps past 4a.m. when he wakes up he screams at the top of his lungs for about 2 hours, when we take him places he throws himself down on the floor and screams or knocks over displays. We have contacted a behavioral hospital which says they could help but our insurance will not pay for mental health for children. He also has Medicaid but the hospital doesn't take it. I don't know what to do, We are very desparate and no one will help us. We have tried everything from diets, meds, any therapies we could find ot, speach, aba, community services for mr/mh, even writing the congressman. I feel like we are sacrificing the other childrens childhoods and making no progress. All of the other children in the house are scared of him except for my 10 month old, who hasn't learned yet. It is taking it's toll on my marriage and my relationship with my children. Also my husband is active duty military which leaves me as the primary caretaker almost all the time. Does anyone have any advive????