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Hi everyone -

I have 2 children whom have been diagnosed with having ADHD # years ago. My son was diagnosed at the age of 4 and been on different medications since (he is now 12 almost 13yrs old). I filed for disability for him in 2001 and was turned down quicker than you can say SSI. You can't get benefits on ADD/ADHD alone. He is now 12 and was hospitalized 2 months ago in a mental hospital for 10 days for depression and suicidal statements he made during school. They gave me a diagnoses of him having Asperger's syndrome and OCD just after a few days of him being there. I wasn’t satisfied with their decision. I was in the process of having him re-evaluated by a REAL psychologist before he was admitted to the hospital but was taking longer to get him in for them being extremely busy. After he was out of the hospital and was able to get him in to his new drs. they came up with this: Bi-Polar w/multi conditions. Bi-Polar, OCD, ODD, ADHD, Depression, social anxiety, anxiety, possibly traits of aspergers. The 2nd Dr. who prescribes the medications made a list of what he saw during his evaluation of my son- this was in a 4hr. session: Hyperactive, Strong need to be in control, Attention Deficit, Mood Instability (mood swings), Low Frustration Tolerance, Avoidant Behavior, Poor Impulse control, Depression (Depressed Moods), Oppositional “Bad” Attitude, Suicidal Statements, Defiant – (resistant to authority), Manipulation, Anxiety, Stubbornness, Socially Shy, Attention Seeking Behavior, Insomnia, Wild thoughts, Low Self Esteem, Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, Immaturity, Hears voices (talks to self) responds to inner stimuli, Anger Management, Temper Tantrums, Fighting (with sister and peers at school), Ambivalence, Schizotypal, obsessive compulsive, and borderline personality traits He takes Lithium 1200mg (4 tabs a day), Depakote 1000mg (2 tabs), Remeron 15mg, Risperdal 2mg tabs, and Benztropine ("Congentin") 1mg tab 2xs daily.
With ALL this information... would he have a chance to get benefits if I were to apply again?