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BrianKosh- Right now my sister is not on any meds or seeing a Dr. Her and her husband divorced about 5 months ago so she no longer has medical insurance and she refuses to get public assistance. I know in the past she was on zoloft, paxil, lithium,prozac, geodone, remeron and a bunch of others that I cannot remember the names of. I know that she liked her psychiatrist, but she could never find a therapist that she liked so she wouldn't go to one. And there would be times when she was on meds she would just stop taking them. As much as my family and I want to help her part of it has to be that she wants help. I am so scared for her!

And I also wanted to add that I think the fact that you are able to address the fact that you are bipolar is a huge step in the right direction. I believe giving opinions, sharing feelings and communicating with others is very theraputic, for everyone. So please don't be afraid to express your feelings here. I know reading the opinions from many of you on this subject has helped me and I hope it helps others.