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Hello... New to the boards and looking for information or to share experiences with REM Behavior Disorder. My Father was diagnosed approx 2 years ago and is taking Klonopin as well as Remeron. The medication has definitely helped, but certainly not elimintaed, his symptoms. Recently he has started to have violent dreams again and often awakes to find himself pounding on the floor and/or on the other side of the room. He sleeps on the floor, in a seperate room from my Mother, as he's terrified of harming her which he came close to doing on several ocassions in the past before they knew what was going on with him and got things under control... Hope to hear from others as I know it will help him to know he's not alone. Thanks!
a possible complication from remeron and amitriptaline ( both antidepressants) is they can cause strong vivid dreams by themselves but if they help this is obviously good