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About 2 years ago i was having problems with an ex boyfriend who was stalking me. I have always been a really anxious person worrying about things like money, if someone was late meeting me i would worry that they were in a car accident etc. But with the ex bf it just pushed me over the edge, i started having panic attacks etc.
I went to a psychiatrist who told me I had OCD (i have never had any compulsions or obsessions, just fears and anxiety) and immediately put me on Remeron Paxil CR and Luvox.
3 days after taking the meds I stopped because i was so tired i couldnt function. Also i had started having muscle spasms in my arm and neck
To make a long story short I wound up in the hospital with a severe tremor and stuttering. Now two years later when i get startled or am tired or stressed i get "set off" and have the same problem. I was wondering if anyone has ever had problems with serotonin syndrome from the mixture of SSRI's... and if they have whether they had lasting effects from it?
Also recently it was found that I have a problem with my thyroid which was probably causing the anxiety attacks.