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Zolofot,lexepro,paxil almost all the ssris I was on made my insomia worst, it is a side effect, you can look up the drugs website. Ambien never did nothing for me , but give me buzz filling.I found out for a while remeron worked good for me(antidepressant) but not a ssri for a while. The pharmicist and several doctors have told me Trazadone is the best sleep aid, it caused me to have rapid heart beat but so did several other medicines, I am a oddball. About 1 month ago ago I experienced the worst insonmia I have ever had, they tried me on restorial(med acting benzo),Valium, xanax, and everything. I got an appt with a pscharist and he diganosed me with bi-polar. Seroquel has been a bleesing for me at 50 mg night, typical dosage is 100mg-6oomg day, It is a
anti pschotic medicine , I dont have delusions or act crazy, just real hyper. However I recommend either the trazodone, or remeron or maybe the new medicine in the other post.