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I go to see a therapist and everything im not on meds now though. First I has some anxiety which I took Celexa for. And i found out recently my grandfather was bipolar, so it runs in the family. Many times throught out the day I snap at my family alot over the littlest things. Also I get very paronied like the other night I though there was a bomb in my bed so I slept the other way and once I thought there was a bomb in my dads car too.
Also I feel nervous alot lately. I feel as if I have a problem with reality, I could be walking in the store and I feel like i'm not really there, I can see all the items and people and hear i'm talking but it feels as if im not really in the room it really gets me depressed. if anyone has felt like this could you please be my friend, i know it seems silly but i need to talk to someone who has been throught this. i told this to my therapist today but she thinks it could be from anziety or something that triggers it and i need to relax, but i feel like this all throught the day every second of the day but some places worse than others.. PLEASE HELP
Ive been on these meds:
Geodone ( made me real drowsy only tried it for a day)

People dont notice i feel like this I just keep it all my mind i tell my parents they just hope the therapist will help me.
oh im 16 years old