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Quote from curious_girl:
im doing a little better. last night i layed down at 930pm and got up at 230am. i felt like i had slept forever. i am still tired its 1134 am on thursday. so hopefully i will get more sleep tonight so i will be rested so i can babysit my great cousin tomorrow. thank all of you for help. wish me luck. i just hope that i can get out of this non-sleep patteren.
Newsome.....i hope you get some sleep. i am here if you want to talk.

I'm glad you finally got some rest. You seemed to cope well. That's half the battle. I wish I could cope better than I do. But I am always worried that if I can't sleep I'll become psychotic. That's enough to keep me awake right there.

I'm still struggling. I went ahead and quit taking my Remeron because of the RLS. So now I have nothing to even help me sleep. So I guess I'll just stay awake and watch videos and piddle around with different things. I know I should at least try to lay down but I so dread just laying there with my heart pounding the anxiety pulsating with intermittent surges of panic. It's easier to just stay up. But if I don't lay don't lay down and try.... *sigh*.

Well that's where I'm at.