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my son too can be violent now he is 16, he is better though. my son realized after a couple of years of talking or thinking like that he went into th psyc hospital for a med change.he didn't like it at all. we got him involved in programs that help him and us deal with his temper. we swept the house of anything dangerous knives, lighters etc. and put them in a lock box. he was on risperdal for years, but the recently took him off it because it causes weight gain and male breast development, i believe in medication he is on depakote lamictal and seraquel and remeron for sleep. since that med combo he hasn't been violent that much, my son is moderate as well. but i will tell you this puberty sux it will be hard for you all, and don't let him hit you if he does deal with it the best you can we restrain, my son is 240 and 5'11 i now will take a blanket and wrap him like a barrito and as gently as i can i will get him on the floor, you might want to think of a class that teaches restraining, some kids have died when improperly restrained,but for the safety of me and others thats what i had to do because he did try a time or 2 to threaten me with a knife, once he saw my temper he backed off. good luck and hang in there.