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I have been told by a Phd psycologist that Dr. Richard Ferber, Boston (possibly at Beth Israel Hosp in Boston) is well known for expertise ref. sleep clinics. I am about to look into him myself, first by Googling his name and also by contacting Beth Israel. If I learn anything, I will post it here and if you have further info ref. your investigations, I'd be happy to hear also. I have the feeling in my case that I have "central" caused Apnea and that the CPAC will not (has not after using it) cure my problem. I am not sure of this conclusion but regardless, I feel I need to seek additional help. I am also interested in knowing, if anybody reads this, if anybody has
read physician credible information, or experienced, any improvement in sleep due to any medication (or OTC med ). I recently read that Remeron is thought to help in non-obstructive types of Apnea, due to its effect on serotonin, which in part affects
the brain's control of sleep. Any insight from any reader along these lines would be greatly appreciated.
Best of luck, C.