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Hey there,

I have been on Zoloft for 10 years and was told in November that it had reach a pleateu at 100mg. My doctor tried to supplement it with other drugs, Welbutrin XL, Remeron and they did not agree with me. He then upped the dosage to 150mg which did not agree with me. I had also been taking Buspar for 10 years 5mg for GAD and my that was upped to 10mg per day 4 weeks ago.

I added Fish Oil to my diet 4 weeks ago and Vitamin B-12 with Folic Acid 3 weeks ago. I also take 5mg of Ativan at night to assist in sleeping.

I have read threads about Zoloft making people feel weird and strange and I am just wondering if this has been affecting me over the years. I think that it assisting with my sudden tiredness, moodiness over the years.

With breakfast this morning, I ONLY took my dosage of fish oil and I feel ok. I will take fish oil at lunch and than again at dinner.

Maybe I should start to wean off Zoloft after being on it for so long? Like cut down to 50mg...and so on since I am taking Fish Oil.

Any suggestions?