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Oh, shoot, I forgot, 2 more things...Lexapro is hell in the sex department, is Effexor XR any better? And also, how long did it take on average for both of you for the Effexor XR to start working?

JHU, are you also taking 225 mg?

Thank you!



I am single and don't date much so I don't have much sex. :mad: That last sexual encounter I had was about a couple months ago and it was terrific. I am a female so the effect may be different for males.

The Effexor does help with my depression but depending on what I am going through, sometimes I begin to feel worse. My puppy died a couple of weeks ago and I was feeling extremely depressed. I am fine now. I can say that I am able to deal with my depression on Effexor. If I was not on it, I would not be able to handle a stressful or sad situation, without having a nervous breakdown or clinging to my bed. I don't think there is an antidepressant around that is a miracle cure but just being able to deal with life's stresses is a benefit of taking an antidepressant.

I would say it took me about 2-3 weeks before I began to feel better. It will also depend on the dosage and if Effexor works for you. My doctor increased my dosage to 300 mg about 3 weeks ago because I was feeling more depressed, just due to some recent situations. I could not tell any difference so he lowered it to 225 mg. He also put me on a drug called Remeron last week. I took one and it was awful, I could barely stay awake and felt extremely dehydrated so I am not taking it anymore. You will also have to work with your doctor to determine how much meds you can tolerate and how much meds you need to control your depression.