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I will try to list as many as possible that I have gone through since April

1. Celexa - GP prescribed this and it did not do anything
2. Zoplicone- Sleeping med that was all right but did not last through the night
3. Xanax - For my anxiety level, doctors kept increasing the dosage but never really work
4. Paxil - I started cutting when I took this med, not sure it was to blame or not
5. Zyprexa - Not really sure what this med is suppose to do but I have been on it for the longest period of time
6. Trazadone - works pretty good
7. remeron - been on it for awhile could not tell you if it is working or not
8. Lithium - Been on this for awhile, doctor thinks its working
8. effexor - been on this for three months its been alright
9. Wellbutrin - again been on this for awile

there is more but my brain has hit the wall, I have been on the last six for about three months or so. It is hard to tell what side effects come from what med or what med is responsible for helping me feel better. If I can think of more I will add it

take care