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I was wondering wich A'D is best for someon who as a depression with insomnia? Wich one as a sedative properties?
I know about Remeron, but is it effective for depression?

I'm dittoing the others. Besides Remeron, Trazadone and Sinequan/doxepin there are other tricyclic a/d's that make a person tired. The SSRI's are more individualized as to who gets tired from the same med that makes another person wired. So, a tricyclic along with an SSRI is fairly common and reasonable option. One size, in the SSRI's doesn't fit all, for sure.

The plus about a tricyclic is it can make you tired when you choose, not all day and night like if your SSRI made you tired.

Have you tried taking it in the morning vs. evening, so you get the awakeness during the day?