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You mentioned taking meds, but don't any more because they have never worked...however, you didn't mention what class or what antidepressants you have tried. I tried all the SSRI's and had terrible results. I then gave up like you did, thinking that SSRI's were the only antidepressants out there. However, I did not realize there are othe classes of antidepressants such as Tricyclics, MAOI's, SNRI's, Tetracyclics, NASSa's, etc. Some of the older medication might be helpful..but for some reason, many doctors try to put a lot of people on the "newest" medication..and sometimes that does not work. I was finally put on Remeron (Mirtazapine) - an older antidepressant and it has worked great. Have you talked to your Doctor/Psychiatrist about a different class of medication..perhaps an older medication might be worth checking out. What about a natural remedy for depression..such as St. Johns Wort, Holy Basil, Omega-3's (Cod Liver oil, or Flaxseed oil) or SAM-e. I was on SAM-e (400mg) for three years and depression free. I had no side effects on it and it is considered very safe. Make sure to check with your doctor before trying anything new..but just wanted to let you know, that there are different types of meds out there..both natural remedies and some of the older antidepressants.