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I am so excited! I thought for a long time that Remeron (Mirtazapine - which is what I am currently taking) was the only Tetracyclic that was made. I have researched for months and have even contacted the manufacturer (Organan) to see if they are in the process of making a Tetracyclic like Remeron, that has worked very well for me. Then I read on a site that there is a tetracyclic similar to Remeron called Ludiomil (Maprotiline). I am not sure how long this drug has been out. I have researched and have not been able to find out if this drug in sold in the United States where I can get a prescription for it, or talk to the Psychiatrist about it. Is anyone on this..and do you know if it is sold in the United States? Thanks for any help.
I believe that not only is it available in the US, but that it actually predates Remeron.
trg247 - I feel the Remeron is pooping out on me, and I am exploring my other options.