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I was thinking of talking to the Psychiatrist about going on Amitriptyline..although it is an older medication..have heard many good things about it. Today, I went and had breakfast with a friend who is on it, but she said that Amitriptyline is only for mild depression and it is usually prescribed to people who have pain (such as Fibromyalgia) as well as mild depression. I have major/chronic depression. Feeling confused as to which med to go on..currently on Remeron..but I feel it is pooping out..very confused as to what to talk to the Psychiatrist about. She has been trying to put me on Effexor..maybe I will just try the Effexor and try to forget all the horror stories I read on it. Confused..so many meds..choices..what to do..what to do. Hate having to deal with side effects. I had none on the Remeron - pretty lucky on that one. Thanks for listening.
Hi Connie - thanks for writing back! That's amazing about being on Elavil for twenty years. I have never heard of a someone being on the same medication for that long - that gives me a lot of hope! You said you are on 200 - that seems like a lot, but then again, I am new to antidepressants (Remeron is the only one I have been on for more than three weeks - before the Remeron I was on SSRI's and I did not get along well with them). Do you have to get your liver and blood monitored? I saw on a post that if anyone is on over 100 mg that they are recommended to get their liver checked. You mentioned going back to work..this is great news! I have often thought working in dispatch..they are hiring here for that as well..taking emergency 911 calls. I would apply for it in a heartbeat, if I didn't have the depression and anxiety going on. I have been told I have a calming voice and demeanor. I have heard it is a highly stressful job..and right now..all I can handle at this time, is something very easy...as I have been having panic/anxiety attacks every time I start a new job and the steep learning curve. I am happy to hear you are going to be working again!