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HI - I know of the site you mentioned, as I too visit it from time to time. Something like crazy meds dot com. I try not to take it too seriously as it is only an opinion of someone. I don't think this person has tried most of the antidepressants he has talked about. He has also said some bad things about other drugs, including the antidepressant I am on which is Remeron. If I had taken what he said to heart, I would not have tried Remeron, which has been a life saver, and a miracle antidepressant to me. He also states in small Italics "you will not get this..I promise"..I think he likes to joke around a lot. Remember, that everyone is different..different brain chemistry..what works for one person..might not work for another. I know of several people on this board and other boards that take Effexor and it has worked very well for them. I try not to worry about withdrawal effects too much, as I need to be on meds for the rest of my life..so I think that I (hopefully) won't have to "withdraw" from them (unless they poop out on me).