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I had some success with Zoloft, but even though it lifted my mood, I was still lethargic and always low on energy. Does anyone have any experience with Remeron or Desipramine? Also, Wellbutrin?
I struggle with depression myself a great deal due to Crohn’s disease. I have in the past 3 years tried Wellbutrin, Trazadone, Remeron, Zoloft, & many others. The wellbutrin did work well with me for 2 years. I think other meds interfered with it’s effect on me so I had to change. I have tried Remeron & am sorry I cannot remember the reason I had to stop it. I, with what I have been trough learned the only way to find the right med for depression is you must realize it takes time to try them & wait for the effects to see witch one is for you. Most important is stay in close contact with your Dr. Also very helpful is keep brief notes on how you feel on a daily basis from day one of taking the med. I am now doing this & feel it will help the Dr prescribe the right one. I write down what time I get up & how I feel, then how I feel trough he day, what time I go to bed, & how I sleep. Believe me this helps, you may even yourself see a pattern of what’s happening. Take this note to your Dr & discuss if the med is working for you or not. I am now on Zoloft & it is not going to work, like you I don’t feel right. I don’t feel depressed but just want to lie around all the time. I never tried the Desipramine yet. I know he will change my med again. It can be very disgusting trying all the meds & the time it takes to get on the right one. I am going thru the same thing myself. But the only way is take them as the Dr prescribes & as hard as it is, wait it out. I wish you luck & remember the best way is to be patient with the meds & Drs. Also be sure to takie the med exactly as the Dr tells you. It takes time. Hang in there !
I take both Remeron and Wellbutrin in my current combo and I prefer the wellbutrin over the remeron easily. The wellbutrin helps me to get going in the morning and with the remeron I did not take it for awhile and did not notice any difference

take care
I have (or had) severe depression and am on Remeron (45mg) and it has worked great for me..no side effects..it's a wonderful antidepressant.