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Hey Lynn, I 've been on Effexor since 1999 ( a brief interlude with Remeron and then back on Effexor). I got up to 300 mg/day and then last September, I noticed the med was no longer "working". I began to feel fatigue all the time. Started clenching my teeth (to the point of breaking 3 teeth). Did the night sweats , dimnished libido etc. stopped caring so much about work. slowly I began to realize that maybe the med was making me worse. My life situation has changed dramatically (for the better) since 1999 (when I first started) so I decided it was time to stop using meds and rediscover who I am without them. Problem....I can't stop using the med. I began weaning myself (with Dr's knowledge) in February. I'm now down to 75mg/day and am trying to cope with the effects of withdrawl. Not fun. I am at a point where I'd rather try the no drug route. But, I admit I am in a place right now where I can afford to. If my finances etc. were still dependant upon my maintaining an incredibly stressful "road warrior" sales position, I would have found a new "quick fix". Luckily, I no longer need to maintain the horrible job and am able to spend time concentrating on getting well. With the help of several knowledgeable pepole on this site I've found encouragement and information.
I know nothing of your situation, but I can guess that your hormones are back to normal since your post partum depression began in 03. Maybe you might want to consider not finding a replacement drug. Just remember...Getting off Effexor is not easy for everyone. In fact, for many of us it is HELL.