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As you all know I don't take well to meds and was just prescribed Abilify 5mgs... Well today in my out patient program my Pdoc there (who is considered my pdoc and I cannot see my own pdoc until I'm out of the program) apparently spoke with my Pdoc and the Pdoc where I was hospitalized and decided that I should be on Abilify 2.5mgs, Lithium (ugh,totally forgot the mgs..Just dropped the script off) Remeron 15mgs and Xanax 1mgs 2x's a day...

Isnt' that A LOT of medicine? I did question her but she seems to think I need it??!!?! They also think I may have Borderline Personality Disorder on top of BiPolar...I'm I screwed up that bad or is this a normal diagnose that comes with BiPolar!?!

Any advice is much appreciated!