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Can you restrain him?my son was like for several years, I think it was due to puberty, he beat me up every chance he got, he grabbed a butcher knife and lunged at me and tried to stab me, I had no choice I had to defend my self and my daughter, once I did he realized that now I fight back,the violence slowed down because I got sick of it tired of him punching me in the face tired of broken bones I couldn't take it anymore he was 250 and 6 feet at the time police would come out only for a few minutes noone would help me during that time he had several med changes and when he turned 16 it stopped,he is 18 now and very sweet, he wouldn't hurt a fly now and he is still living at home, he is on depakote 500 in am and 1000 at night lamictal 200 mg twice a day, seroquel 300 mg am and pm and remeron for sleep,he too was also dx. with bipolar, is there any angencies that can help you with him to offer support? good luck.