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Hi Laura,

I was diagnosed with both Borderline and Bi Polar 1, and to be totally honest with you it sucks! Nobody seems to see it from my/your daughters prospective. When that uncontrolable symptoms happen (calling 100 times ) it's not only annoying to who it's done too but it also puts alot of stress on us as well. We don't want to be doing this but the impulsiveness is just too much and we do it, then we get down on ourselves for doing it so we do it again and explain why, then we obcess on what we just said so we call again,and so on and so on.. It's horrible and it's uncontrolable.. I'm on lithium, abilifly, remeron, xanax and congentive, it has helped fme but getting me on the right medication was HELL. This can be fixed, if she would talk to her doctor about this or go on line and get educated more on both disorders.

Hope this helped..