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My rheumy prescribed Tramadol to be taken for pain.
I am on Remeron ( antidepressant) and Buspar ( antianxiety). When I googled Tramadol one of the things mentioned was not to take it with antidepressants.
anyone taking Tramdol and on antidepressants?
I have a call out to my p-doc to discuss this-- but apparantly she is away for the Holiday.

Thanks ~
Hi ther-- Just wanted to let you know that I had a message on my cel phone today from my psyche doc warning me with a very stern voice NOT to take the Tramadol while I am on the Remeron & Buspar.
She said she left a detailed message on my house phone- but it had been erased when I got home-- darn !!!
Cannot reach her now as she has left to care for her ill mother in Florida.
So I guess I have to stick with Tylenol or Advil.
I'm going to call the pharmacist tomorrow to get this clarified.
This may not apply to other antidepressants, but for now I am going to stick the Tramadol in the back of the cabinet.
I have such severe back pain that I just had hoped I could take a small dose of something once in a while for a little relief......

Thanks again for your responses-- much appreciated :wave: