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Well first let me say that my son is 20. your kids are much younger..so it might be different. because hes an adult. hes always had an insomnia problem for years, unfortantly, so do i. He is on lithium now for 3 weeks..and i see him doing very well. he does have some depression, so his pdoc started him on prozac weekly. anyway, getting to the sleep problem, hes been on seroquel, low doses= not enough, high doses= he would fall asleep late at night and not be able to get up in the a.m. hes tried ambien, lunesta, remeron and klonopins.doc has him on something else right now,i cant think of the name of it..sleep is so important and his pdoc keeps telling him that..i noticed when hes doing ok and keeping his stress at a low level,he sleeeps..the minute he starts getting anxiety,mania he is up for days. and the good thing is that he notices this now..and is trying to make his life as stressfree as possible..he is a college student and works parttime.but, he like alot of bi-polar people cant handle much stress..i find him to be very fragile most of the time..believe me, its a lot of work to tip-toe around him.:rolleyes: