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I was on zyprexa when I was first diagnosed BP, and it seemed to make my manic/hypomanic symptoms worse. I gave the drug too much time, was too patient, trying to get to the next theraputic level, and the next, and so on. Should have asked to try a new combo much sooner. Eventually ended up in the hospital. Anyways, on it I could no longer read, watch movies or cross stitch, and my inability to focus led me to finally apply for disability benefits--no way could I have worked the way I was feeling on that drug. My mind would get stuck in loops, I would try to concentrate, succeed for a minute, then lose focus and try to concentrate again. I felt so restless. Or my mind would go in circles and I couldn't sleep or had all these great ideas and felt like I had to write them all down. It was exhausting. My p-nurse then added seroquel, which had a strange effect on me, something like absence seizures, where I wouldn't be asleep or awake, and would lose chunks of time. Hope some of this helps you in considering if maybe you need a med switch. Now I am on remeron for anti-depress and abilify for mood stabilze. Good luck, and nice chatting with you!