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I have anxiety/panic and have been on klonopin and remeron for a month now. I found that was the only thing that worked to knock me out for 6 hours or so. Ambien didn't work, lunesta failed, xanax didn't work, etc.. even trazadone didn't work for me. But the combo I'm on now seems to be okay and so I will take it and deal with each day/night as it comes. Why worry about what the long-term effects of the benzos and stuff are when you need the help now. I say deal with what you need to now and then later, worry about what needs to be worried about. That's my attitude lately, since I finally have been getting some sleep, thanks to the meds! Prior to these meds, I was up every night for 3 nights straight and then would sleep 2-3 hours the 4th night. It was miserable and worsened my anxiety/panic, made me dizzy and shakey all day and nauseous.