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I have difficulty falling asleep then staying asleep due to a bunch of different factors so over the last few years I have tried various odd things and most work but not for very long. I have depression and anxiety issues which partly explain the drugs I take as well.

To fall asleep I take Temazapam and have been on it for over two years now. Problem is I don't fall asleep without it.

To stay asleep was a big problem for a long time as I would have a nightmare that would snap me awake then have difficulty falling asleep again. For a long time I was taking Remeron which is an anti depressant but its main side effect is it causes drowsiness so mixed with the Temazapam I was sleeping 8 plus solid hours a night. I had to let Remeron go as it can not be mixed with a new Anti depressant I am taking so for a while i was back to the old problems of being able to fall asleep but not staying asleep throughout the night so Seroquel was added to the mix and once again I am sleeping eight plus hours a night. The only downside so far besides the fact that this drug can cause dependency is it takes me a while to really wake up in the morning and the dosage has to be upped every few months as my body gets use to it.

Anyway that is how i deal with my sleeping issues so if anyone was looking for a new approach maybe this post has at least shined on a different perspective,

take care