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Remeron has antihistamine peoperties, thats how it causes sedation, it is primerily an antidepressant.
I did the remeron thing for about a year. Although i slept very well, my days were shot because of the hang over effect. Some people say that as you increase the doses the hang over effect goes away. I decided that I'd rather not sleep then deal with the hang over because I actually felt better in the day. Once I went off of it I had to realize what was causing my sleep problems and it was work issues and poor sleep hygiene. I would recommend reading this book called say good night to insomnia. There is a lot of information in this book but please pay particular attention to the chapter 5 and the stimulus control guidelines as these are highly effective if you are highly motivated in correcting you insomnia. Although, if there are life stress issues that are causing your insomnia then i would work those out as well.