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The appointment went as usual until the nice young lady handed me a contract to sign and a cup. I just went ten minutes before. So a large glass of water and eventually the cup was filled. The PA switched me from trazadone to Remeron. This is taken at bedtime to help me sleep all night long. Has anyone dropped trazadone? I only take one at night. Should I cut it or skip a night? Or is this one to just switch? I suppose I could have asked the PA. But like always my mind is on vacation.
Hey Fred,

Sorry about the surprise test. I can never go if someone is wanting me to! I have sat at a doctor's office for over an hour waiting to go....sooooo frustrating! As far as the trazadone, I think you can just stop it tonight and take the remeron. I would make a quick call to your pharmacist just to make sure. I have taken both meds and remeron definetly helped me sleep, so I hope it helps you! Good luck and keep us posted!

Your Friend,

Hey Fred, I had read that even though the manufacturer of Trazodone doesn't state it in their Rx'ig info, most docs feel it should be titrated down. I don't know if you've stopped it yet, but I just thought I'd let you know.

I was also wondering, why the contract and the UA test all of a sudden? Maybe your doc is just adapting new policies.

Hope the Remeron helps. Was it your idea? Or did the doc just feel it was time for a change?

Take care, my friend. God Bless, CMP/MM