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Here is the post that I sent you from the below one you started...

Ummm....well the klonipin worked a lil bit I slept on and off for about 45 minutes at at time, it was kind of wierd. But I did feel a little more rested this moring. My pdoc said I was in the middle of a manic state and that was part of the no sleep and agitation and anger, anxiety, etc. I don't have them very often, like maybe 3 or 4 a year. He doubled my zoloft 2 weeks ago and that did it...so the klonopin did calm me down some, I don't feel so out of control. I'm going back to see him Tuesday and we'll change to either Remeron or Elavil, he's letting me research them so I can choose. I read 94 patient reviews last night for remeron users and 1 in every 1.5 users gained significant amounts of weight meaning 10 lbs. or more in a matter of a month or so, although it did help with sleep. So that one is definitely out. I still have to drop the 15 lbs. I gained on Seroquel. So I'm going to try the Elavil, and then he'll drop the Zoloft. So hopefully that plan we'll work, and we'll probably add the Neurontin back in for sleep help at night. Gee isn't it fun chaning all these meds...it's like staging a take over of a third world country.

And on top of that my husband and I are seperating after 20 yrs of marriage...so it's just been a crappy week. I rented an apartment today and we had to tell our 10 yr old tonight and I thought that was going to kill me, it was awful. So he's going to stay home from school tomorrow and hang out with me and we're going to go see the apartment and let him check out his new room and stuff, and his big brother who is 18 is gonna come too, and then we'll go out for breakfast and go look at some furniture. Man life is hard!

So as you can see I got tons of stuff going on. I did email my pdoc yesterday to discuss some of what we talked about on Tuesday because I was very confused...he was very understanding and said not to worry about it, just to relax, take the Klonipin and we'd talk about it all on Tuesday.

I would never change pdocs, I love my pdoc and we usually get along great, seomtimes we hit bumps, but not often. He's gay, so I don't get any of the intimidation that I usually get from male docs. And a lot of my PTSD comes from childhood abuse and trauma.

With being on this hypomanic phase are you able to sleep? I hope so, I know not doing so jsut seems to make everything totally out of whack. I forget, do you work? Well I so hope that you continue to feel better. Write me tomorrow if you feel okay, and let me know how you're doing.