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I've been on Seroquel for a year. I have Bipolar Suicidal Depression, and like you when I do have a hypomanic cycle it's very mild. Seroquel can make you very sleepy, so it's best to take it at night. I know that there are some folks on this board that say 25 or 50 mg knock them out. I was on 450 mg and it barely made me sleepy at night, but I am also a chronic insomniac. I also used Lamictal at the same time and the combination did help alot. I have recently went off the Seroquel due to weight gain, and am now on Lamictal, Zoloft, Topomax, and Remeron.

So yes it can help with the depression....but with the severity of our depression you may have to take a high dose which can cause the sleep problems, and it does cause weight gain, so you'll have to watch for that.

Mine was wierd I'd been taking it for 8 months and then all of a sudden I just started gaining weight from it, once I hit 10 lbs. I told my pdoc, that's it no more seroquel, and we stopped it.

Good luck with your meds, and sorry for the book I wrote.