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CityKittie - Yeah I can relate to the "if I get that done then everything will be together... then I can relax." Only once I finish one thing, then its off to the next. I do accomplish things but hardly get a sense of satisfaction. The conversation thing is particularly odd, huh? I can go through conversations that occured days and days ago. Usually I am trying to figure out if I could have unwittingly offended somebody. Or I think about another way I could have said what I said to be more clever or more clear. If I am going to approach somebody that I am a little uncomfortable with I may spend a couple days and nights going through what they might say and how I might respond. I also sometimes have fantasy conversations. I also go through these posts in my head at later times and wonder if I came off as I intended. I have a problem with gaining approval and get a sense of dread if I have possibly offended a stranger. This social anxiety keeps me away from groups. Although if I am in a group, everybody thinks I'm cool, well collected and funny. If they only knew! To answer your question, I am on Wellbutrin, Lexapro and Remeron. I call it the "Wellexeron Cocktail". It has been quite life changing for me.

Raynie - I can relate to the loss of concentration while I am speaking. My thoughts bounce about and I see a fork in the road in my logic. I stop, gather my decision on where to go in the conversation, then that brings another branch, then I diddle in my head, then suddenly I am thinking of something quite different, yet related in some inexplicable way, then I just stammer... and say, "What was I talking about?" This also occurs with the words I choose. I am always looking for the perfect word to describe a situation or object, and quite often it slips. I sit there and try to think of the word causing staggered choppy sentences. I have had stage fright feelings around people. For the longest time I couldn't even read outloud as it made me quite anxious. What is really strange is that I couldn't even read aloud alone. I get real anxious when I try to describe something to somebody smarter than me about a technical issue that I am a little unsure of. I end up speaking real fast and nervously.

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CityKittie- Yep. My conversation will come to a halt when trying to find a word. It happens all the time. I don't, however, find comfort in repeating things. I get stimulated by things that are new. This fact leads me to believe that I may not have OCD.
The meds. Yep. I started them all at once. I had never taken a med before, and there I was freaking out while taking my first few doses. I had no idea what was going to happen to me. Thankfully the meds are working pretty good for the most part. I can't really tell you what drug does what from my standpoint. I am guessing the Lexapro calms me, the Wellbutrin stimulates me and the Remeron makes sure I can sleep. But truthfully I do not know. It's a magical cocktail.

I am going to post this in another thread, but I had the weirdest side effect today. I sat down at my desk and the screen saver was up. It was one of those pattern thingies. I hit the mouse and the screensaver stopped, then suddenly it was if I had seen a sun flare or something. Like somebody had snapped a camera flash at me. I was blinded for a moment. Then there were spots in the pattern of the screensaver. I sat there for a second, then I realized that it was only -one- eye that had undergone this sun-flare effect. It was so bad that I figured something was just in my eye. So I went to the restroom and washed my eye. I could close the good eye and the room was all distorted in this screensaver-flare pattern. It lasted about 15 minutes and it was over. It didn't scare me. Actually it was kinda fun. Strange, no?

Raynie- It does suck, doesn't it. I end up mulling over the conversations and choose better words than I chose during the actual conversation.