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Hi there, u probably know me from all of my sad posts, well i actually had to do something to get attention as i am severly depressed sever anxiety ocd etc.. i slit my wrists last night and ended up in hospital to get attention i had too, then they finnaly gave me something else to try, as they stopped given me ssri's as they kept given me panick reactions, fast hrt beat etc so did the trylics and the snri's made me to manic, they have now given me remeron 30mg take half a pill @ night i have read some bad posts about it mind, about the weight gain BUT i couldnt give a toots aslong as i can get better.. i am home now and am going to take my second tab when i go to bed.. i have the excelant site that the hospital phsyiciatrist gave me all about remeron (mirtazapine in the uk) [url="http://www.neurotransmitter.net/mirtazapinetrials.html"]http://www.neurotransmitter.net/mirtazapinetrials.html[/url]

Hi Dipps,

I'm sorry you had to resort to such drastic action to get help :(

I hope the Remeron works for you quickly and effectively.

With kind thoughts,


i got another site here [url="http://hcp.remeron.com/chapter/efficacy/effects_in_other_disorders/effects_in_other_disorders.asp"]http://hcp.remeron.com/chapter/efficacy/effects_in_other_disorders/effects_in_other_disorders.asp[/url] all i am getting is good and calm vibes lol..