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I went for my first visit to the therapis/psychiatrist today for my anxiety. I've tried so many anti-depressants in the past and had to quit because of side effects or the meds didn't work. I take Xanax when needed but the doctor doesn't want me to take it too often. The prescription the psychiatrist gave me is for Remeron - he wants me to try it for two weeks. I stressed that I did not want to take anything with weight gain as a side effect, and was assured that I would put on very little if any weight. Now that I am researching it on the computer, weight gain is one of the main side effects listed. Can anyone who had tried this give me some information on side effects and effectiveness for anxiety. I feel like I have been let down by the therapist and the psychiatrist.
HEY there, i too have just been given remeron, after all other meds have failed, i dont have problems with sleep, just anxiety etc, but i suppose it will help me get into a routine, how are you getting on? i dont care about the weight gain, i eat sensabily any how as my hubbie has hrt, choles and diabeties problems BLESS HIM.

HRY what do you mean this should help the phsyc?

remeron, mirtazepine, is sold under different names in different countries