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Hello, can someone help me diagnose myself please?

I am 22, when i was younger in school, i would skip it and goto a freinds house, we used to go to sleep and as i were going to sleep i would get this kinda paralized feeling, i couldnt catch my breath, i was going deeper and deeper into sleep, i would also hear voices, only when i would nap during the day though, then when i was pregnant it happened again, only when i would nap during the day.
After a yr of having my baby, i started suffering anxiety/panick, then i would get too hyper and get paranoid that people were trying to kill me, i wouldnt leave a drink unatended even when my own family were about, or i would start to feel weird, NOW when i go to bed at night time, i hear a mans voice just say one thing, could be anything, and i hear a song in my head, and i freak about it, i have told doctor about this, he just says its all in my head... COULD THIS BE THE START OF SKITSOPHRENIA? I am currently taking 15mg remeron have been for 3 weeks, i tryed ssri's trylics and snri's in the past BUT all made me to high.. And when i get the high feeling i freak out as if someone has somehow given me drugs or i have somehow taken something like someone is trying to take over my body, i get so high it really does feel as if i am on drugs as i have done them in the past, i get osessional thoughts that i can not control, and my mind is going 100miles an hr, i keep doing things that i shouldnt such as: talking very fast, foning people all the time, shopping from my catolouges for the sake of it, stealing from shops etc, then the next thing i know i am panicking, depressed sort of thing suicidal.. kinda weird.. when i am out i get panicky, i am worrying alot about loosing my mind, and the voices are just at night for now, first just started when i would take a nap during the day BUT now they are at night. Just say's one thing one night was ''the job is done'' another night was ''what an earth are you doing'' scaring me..

Thanx for any advice

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the remeron should help but can take up to 6 weeks to work properly, the dose could be upped soon also, doctors hear your type of problems from their patients often, your problems arent very unususual