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Hi I am new to these boards. Thought I would get my feet wet and stop in to say hi. I have depression and anixity (I can't spell worth a dang sorry :O )

I worry about everything. Doesn't matter what. Its getting to the point to where it is starting to affect my kids. My dd wanted my help in going around the neighbor hood passing out stuff for bible school and I just couldn't. I couldn't stand the thought of all those people would think of me of us....what would we say, etc. I am sure you get the hint of what was running around my brain.

The dr. put me on effexor xr 35 to start then 75 after the first week in the mornings and remeron 15 at night.
I have only been on them for 3 days/nights. I am still waking up at night 2-3 times a night. I have read that weight gain goes with some meds such as remeron. I have noticed that food doesn't appeal to me. Its like it has no taste that is till about 2 in the morning when I wake up and then I am starved????

Have any of you been on these meds? Had this same type of reaction?

I am so stressed how this post is going to sound to yall when you read it. I am shaking. Please any response would be nice.

Thanks for reading and posting if you do. kar